The Cowes Library Drawing Group – What have we got planned for summer?

I love drawing, always have. I love spending hours wrapped up in the gentle art of sketching, coaxing a likeness of your subject out on to paper. I draw to paint too. If you want to create accurate paintings it really helps if you’re coming from a robust foundation where you know that your subject is accurate at the start.

In the Cowes Library Drawing group we focus on observational drawing techniques. Observational drawing is about looking at your subject and drawing what you see, not what you think you see. In the sessions we look at ways to improve our hand/eye coordination, understand how light and shade shape our drawing and improve our accuracy from the beginning with plotting, measuring and negative spaces.

Every week there will be different items to draw and different techniques and tools to think about. Over the next 10 summer sessions we will cover a variety of subjects including; botanical drawing, capturing light, tonal techniques for shading, form and texture, the power and weight of your line and many many more.

It’s a great group for beginners and improvers because it’s friendly and relaxed with no intimidating critiques. It’s a weekly space to draw with supportive and gentle encouragement served with a multitude of tea and biscuits!

We start this term on the 14th May (Tuesday evenings) and the 16th May (Thursday afternoons). If you’d like to know anything more about the group please don’t hesitate to get in touch. email Bethany at


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