Bethany Moore is an artist and illustrator who is passionate about drawing and loves to teach. Fascinated by the quiet contemplation of still-life studies, she enjoys the process of observing, drawing and painting her various subjects. She loves to share these mindful drawing techniques with others and travels to art groups and corporate venues around the country to discuss and teach traditional observational drawing methods.

Bethany enjoys working in oil paints, pastels and pencils on paper and canvas from her purpose-built studio on the Isle Of Wight.

Whilst other artists paint ‘beautiful’ people or ‘beautiful’ landscapes, I enjoy finding the beauty in interesting and unusual items through pattern, colour, shape and form. From old keys to dappled light; from portraiture to print-making, I love to slow down the observation process and select different materials to capture the essence of my subject.

Bethany Moore


Ruby Reading. Oil paint on collaged papers. I used my niece’s wonderfully creative drawings as a basis for my portrait of her reading.

Quay Arts biennial OPEN Exhibition 2021 ‘Freedom’ Sat 26th June – Sun 29th August 2021

Quay Arts biennial OPEN Exhibition 2019 themed and titled: ‘A Life in Nature’ – Sat 30 Nov 2019 – Sat 1 Feb 2020

IWAC Autumn Exhibition – Quarr Abbey, Ryde, Isle Of Wight. Oct 2019

Stride Open Exhibition – Oxmarket Gallery Chichester. Oct 2016