Inspiration not intimidation

There are so many great artists out there, do you ever feel ‘I’ll never be as good as that’? Do 100’s of images on all the social media platforms confirm to you that there really is no point in trying?

It’s easy to feel that way; intimidated rather than inspired. But all of those artists have their own creative challenges to overcome. And remember we tend to see the ‘finished/perfectly photographed’ item rather than the workings, bad sketches and off days.

Last year I started the ‘Couch to 5k’ running programme and I’ve decided that for me, learning to run is a bit like learning to draw.

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Painters Progress

I love to see paintings when they are complete, framed and ready to show…  but I really love to see how they started, how they progressed, what worked, what didn’t and the decisions that were made as a result.

Drawing is my first love, I find painting a much more challenging medium, so it really helps me to see the process behind the work and learn tips and techniques to help and inspire me.

Here’s a series of photos that I took when I painted ‘Lobster Pots of Lyme’.  I chose the subject because it was complicated. I wanted to challenge myself to convey the shape/volume of the pots with strokes of paint. I liked the cropped composition, too. It felt like a cross between an abstract and a still life.

close up

I used a very limited colour palette of acrylic paints; raw sienna, raw umber, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, paynes grey and white on a pebeo canvas panel. I used my own photograph for reference.


I roughed out the composition. then concentrated on adding the foreground areas. I painted the areas ‘inside’ the pots as abstracted shapes, looking at the ‘negative’ spaces between the ‘positive’ wicker structures. I worked on each pot individually, but kept coming back to the painting as a whole to check the colour choices and the light and shadow. Finally I added in a grey-ish background to anchor them.



Lobster Pots of Lyme. Bethany Moore 2016

Acrylic on canvas panel 40cm x 40cm